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August 2017

Beyontec is proud to announce its participation in PIPSO – Fall IT Conference 2017. This years’ conference is being held on October 23-25, 2017 at the Naples Beach Hotel, Florida. Mr. Shankar, Co-founder and Director will be presenting on the topic ‘Cloud Computing & Disaster Recovery’ on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

July 2017

Beyontec is proud to announce that Mr. Vivek Sethia – Co-founder and Director is invited to participate as a panelist on the topic ‘Technology Experts and Insurance Companies’ Experts’ in the 14th Annual Gulf Insurance Forum 2017. The Gulf Insurance Federation organizes this year’s forum in United Arab Emirates during the period 18 – 19th October 2017 – at RODA Al-Murooj Hotel. The theme for this year is ‘The role of Information technology in opening new frontiers for the Gulf Insurance industry’.

July 2017

It’s with a great deal of pride and pleasure, Beyontec announces that both Maryland Joint Insurance Association (MDJIA) and District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility (DCPIF) has each gone into live production on the Beyontec Suite on July 5, 2017. These successes were made possible by the tremendous cooperative effort between the client’s staffs and the Beyontec implementation team. Congratulations to MDJIA and DCPIF.

May 2017

Beyontec Solutions, Inc. (formerly B2-USA) is once again pleased to be exhibiting at the upcoming IASA 2017 Educational Conference and Business Show. This year’s event will be held June 3-7 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Florida. Beyontec invites you to stop by booth #517 and let us answer any questions you might have about our highly configurable, fully integrated, Beyontec Suite and also hear about some exciting changes coming in the next few months. Anyone that would like to request a private meeting with us, please email us at and someone from our team will get back to you to set an appointment. Or just come by and say “hello” during the show; it will be great to meet you!

April 2017

Beyontec is pleased to announce the signing of its sixth (6th) FAIR Plan. Having established a deep understanding of the unique challenges of this line of business and the processing demands faced by these providers of a very special community service, Beyontec is very proud to have been selected. FAIR Plans provide a product needed by the communities they serve, and we are honored to be entrusted as their vendor-partner in this valuable community service. FAIR Plans now represent the single largest segment of our customer base and we are anxious for work to begin.

November 2016

B2-USA CEO, Vivek Sethia, is pleased to announce a consolidation of our worldwide brand. “Since our inception, B2-USA has been the United States brand for Beyontec Solutions, our group company in India. With our corporate footprint growing in the U.S. and overseas, we saw a great opportunity to unify the brands and to create a single, more effective organization. Today, we’re proud to announce the change to you.”

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October 2016

Beyontec is pleased to announce the roll-out of our latest product enhancement, our Mobile Application. In the initial release, policyholders will be able to see and then pay any outstanding invoices or installment bills using a smartphone or tablet device with an internet connection. Still in beta-test, this enhancement will be available in the fourth quarter of this year. When fully rolled out, functions made available will be determined by each client company through the Permissions and Authorities section in the User Group Set-up tool, part of the Beyontec Suite.

October 2016

Beyontec will begin rolling out our new-look configuration tools from this quarter. Our goal has always been to make our customers as independent as they want to be, and thanks to their feedback, we have undertaken a project to make these tools more user-friendly. The redesigned tools, which will roll out in phases starting this month, will include:

  • User Authorization Engine.
  • Business Rule Engine
  • Premium Algorithm Definition Module
  • Workflow Configurator

September 2016

B2-USA is proud to announce the signing of our 18th client. Located on the east coast, this client will utilize our EZ*Insure Suite to process FAIR Plan business. This brings the number of FAIR Plan clients to four, utilizing our software to handle both personal lines and commercial lines properties in five states.

July 2016

B2-USA is proud to announce the signing of our 17th client, a 78 years old carrier writing automobile business in two states. The carrier will utilize the entire EZ*Insure Suite to enhance their online capabilities, increase policyholder service and satisfaction as well as expand both its product offerings and geographical footprint. They are currently under implementation.

June 2016

B2-USA is exhibiting at the IASA Business Show for the 4th year in a row. This year’s event is being held in San Antonio, Texas on June 12th through June 15th. We look forward to meeting many forward-thinking people from the industry and also welcome our existing clients at the event. Please stop by our booth #1415 and let us answer your questions, or see a live demo of our EZ*Insure Software Suite, a complete solution for Carriers and MGA’s in the Property & Casualty Industry. One solution. One technology. One vendor.

October 2015

B2-USA is proud to announce that we have added yet another customer in USA called Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company. Check out press release for more information.

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January 2015

Missouri FAIR Plan goes live on EZ*Insure.

December 2014

B2-USA is proud to announce the contract signing of our 12th client, a personal lines writer located in the State of Florida. The Customer chose the EZ*Insure Software Suite to support its growth and expansion plans, both in new states as well as offering new lines of business.

October 2014

B2-USA proudly announces the signing of our 11th client, Dallas-based. They write multi-form Homeowners and Dwelling Fire insurance policies through the independent agency system. The Client will be utilizing the full suite of EZ*Insure modules.

October 2014

First Connect goes live on EZ*Insure.

August 2014

B2-USA recently attended and exhibited, for the first time, the Annual Meeting and Business Show of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) held in Burlington, Vermont. We were invited by our Midwestern based client who was a strong advocate for us at the show and many people came by our booth at her urging. We thank her for her endorsement and enthusiasm and look forward to attending again in 2015.

June 2014

B2-USA wishes to extend our thanks to the CEO of our Los Angeles based client who recently attended the IASA Business Show in Indianapolis, Indiana at our invitation. He was invited to speak at a forum to discuss “Technology in Support of Culture Change” and did an excellent job communicating the story of his company as they seek to become the industry leader in claims handling satisfaction and B2’s role is helping them achieve that goal.

May 2014

B2-USA is pleased to announce the signing of a significant new client. This Midwest based client is unique and is part carrier, part MGA and part broker. We look forward to this challenging implementation because of its unique business model, its thirty (30) product offerings across all fifty (50) states!

December 2013

B2-USA proudly announces the signing of another client, an Austin based MGA writing auto insurance to a highly specialized niche. Client will utilize the full EZ*Insure suite of products to manage policy, billing and claims administration. B2 will also be consulting on the dynamic website that is so critical to our client successfully reaching and servicing their chosen demographic.

December 2013

Oregon FAIR Plan goes live on EZ*Insure.

December 2013

B2-USA announces the signing of our third (3rd) Fair Plan client. Having found a strong niche offering, B2 hopes to replicate the success of our other Fair Plan clients, and take this offering to more Fair Plans across the U.S. While each Plan has its unique characteristics, the many similarities make the implementations quicker to “go-live”.

September 2013

B2-USA is pleased to announce the expansion of its product offerings in an existing, West Coast client. Formerly only using our Claims Module, Client has recently added the EZ*Insure Policy Module to make policy verification and reporting easier. This is a significant client for B2 as it has proven the modularity of our products, the ability to stand alone and fully function while also offering a complete suite of software that can run the entire enterprise.

July 2013

MissionSelect goes live on EZ*Insure.

January 2013

B2-USA welcomes The Oregon FAIR Plan Association to our rapidly growing family of clients. OFPA will implement our EZ*Insure software suite (policy, billing, claims) to process their business and bring a new level of service and convenience to the citizens of Oregon.

October 2012

Knight Insurance Group goes live on EZ*Insure.

October 2012

B2-USA, announces the signing of an agreement to provide its’ full Insurance software suite, EZ*Insure, to MissionSelect Insurance Services.