Insurance Lines

As an indication of the extent to which the Beyontec Suite is pre-configured — and to provide indications of the ways in which our pre-sales and implementation teams fine-tune the Suite for our customers and the lines of business they write, these four videos will show you how the Suite has been tailored for four specific lines.

Lawyers Professional Liability

The Beyontec Suite manages all aspects of Lawyers Professional Liability. It lets you sell through agents — or direct to customer. It collects all required information and lets you customize questionnaires to capture information specific to practice areas, including practice-percentages for firms and attorneys. It provides flexible rating levels. It retains all the files you upload for underwriting. And it includes capabilities that let you:

  • Provide portals to agents, employees, and policyholders
  • Control access to and information in those portals
  • Use Notes & Diary to send follow-up letters
  • Manage claims, adjuster assignments, reserves, and litigation
  • Includes “claims made” and “tail coverage” actions.


The Beyontec Suite handles all the requirements for Homeowners, from underwriting and billing to reinsurance, claims, and vendor payments. Its Business Rules Engine and workflows collect risk information and automate processing, so risks that meet certain criteria can be issued without human intervention. It automates inspection processes and includes:

  • A customizable, dynamic questionnaire that asks questions based on answers to prior questions
  • Portals for agents, employees, and policyholders
  • Controlled access to and information in those portals
  • Notes & Diary for documentation and follow-up.

Personal Auto

The Beyontec Suite handles all the requirements for standard and non-standard Personal Auto. Minute Quote provides rate indications with minimal rating information. Photos or prior Dec pages may be requested for more in-depth rating. Orders for MVRs, Loss Histories, Credit Reports, Household Driver Disclosures, and 3rd party information can be automated. In addition, the Suite ensures that:

  • Each quote is saved in the system for instant recall and “what if” scenarios
  • You can create and maintain any Pay Plans you wish
  • You can set down-payment amounts and require down payments on Additional Premium Endorsements to protect against getting upside down in equity.
  • Each application receives a consistent, thorough, and immediate analysis by the rules and risk acceptance profiles you’ve created.

FAIR Plans

The Beyontec Suite manages all aspects of FAIR Plans. It retains information for quoted business, even if no policy is issued. It flags risks needing underwriting approval. It enables requests for third-party reports. It lets users turn on-line help on or off, for agents who only write a few FAIR Plan risks per year. And it enables policyholders to sign with e-signatures. The Suite also:

  • Allows agents to collect rating information with InstaQuote with minimal input
  • Supports insured and third-party direct bill — Agency Account Current and Sweep
  • Shows the final premium on the Premium and Coverage Summary Screen
  • Lets policies be sent to a print stream or be printed.