Insurance Beyond Technology

There’s more to insurance than technology. Before selecting a software product, you need to look at people and processes. Those people include your vendors, as well as your employees. And those processes include the way you do business now and the ways in which it might be improved.

While Beyontec is a software company dedicated to the property/casualty insurance market — and while the Beyontec Suite performs all of the processes and transactions necessary to write and administer property/casualty business — we’re people first. Earning your trust is our first priority.

Our respect for our clients and our commitment to helping them achieve their objectives drives everything we do. That respect and commitment has become reciprocal: Just as we respond quickly and personally to our customers’ needs, our customers give us valuable input that contributes to the ongoing enhancements to and improvement of our Suite.

Out of that reciprocity, we build lasting, trusting, mutually beneficial relationships of which we’re all very proud.

What We Do

Our customer-centric focus enables us to give our customers the degrees of independence and self-sufficiency they want. Because we want to be sure the Suite is as ready to meet their needs as it is to meet our expectations, we make sure it’s fully developed — that it contains all the functionality our customers need to administer any line of property/casualty business, in any state, with all of the necessary, attendant capabilities (policies, claims, billing, financial accounting, and more). And we make sure it’s fully configurable: Our customers can configure it to do the business they do the way they want to do it.

  • In all US states 100%
  • Capabilities (policy, claims, billing, portals, et al.) 100%
  • Configurable by customers as needed 100%
  • Administer most P&C LOBs (Work Comp coming) 100%

How We Do It

By understanding what our customers want, by recognizing what they need, and by working within budgetary frameworks that are realistic for them, we refined the Suite and our delivery methodologies. As our customers are the first to attest, our technology, our constant process improvements, our domain expertise, and our effective project management have proven to be a successful combination.

Our Customers

Given the work we put into our Suite, it’s gratifying to know it’s being used by an increasing number of insurers across the U.S. This is just a partial list of the insurers now processing business on the Beyontec Suite:

“Beyontec has and continues to come through on their promises to deliver a quality product and service, with integrity and efficiency.  The Beyontec Suite enables our claims people to perform their work more efficiently, allowing them to focus on excellent customer care.  The Knight Insurance Group is glad to have Beyontec as a trusted partner.”

Eric D. Jarvis

Director, Knight Insurance Group

“We have been a Beyontec customer for over 4 years.  We have always been amazed at the willingness and speed at which they are able to make small customized changes in their basic software program to accommodate our special needs.  The level of support provided has been wonderful.  We are very pleased that we chose to use Beyontec Suite to run our business.”

Phil Benson

Executive Director, Oregon FAIR Plan Association

Our Partners

We have partnerships and affiliations with a number of organizations and associations. Those include the organizations and associations listed here.

Oracle lets us help our customers engage a new generation of consumers, deploy new products, expand into new lines of business, and increase operational efficiency with flexible, rules-based applications. Oracle also lets us help our customers manage risk, reduce data quality issues, improve capital allocation, and manage compliance.

ISO, a Verisk company, helps our customers assess their property/casualty risks for commercial and personal lines. ISO provides statistical, actuarial, underwriting, and claims information and analytics; compliance and fraud identification tools; policy language; information about specific locations; and technical services.

All your document printing requirements are a breeze with Windward Reports. Design reports in Microsoft Word to print them as PDF or DOCX files. The professional and visually impressive document generation capabilities with easy-to-design interface provides our customers the ability to generate customer-oriented documentation with ease.

Quadbase enables our customers to derive value from web-delivered reports and charts. Quadbase Reports and Charting Tools allow users to develop and deliver interactive, actionable information presentations. The tool supports all types of reports – from simple output of application data to enterprise-scale and ad-hoc query and analysis.

LiquidWeb is a fully managed hosting solution built for mission-critical websites and applications. Supported 24/7 by highly trained, certified technicians with state-of-the-art data centers, they attend the web hosting needs of big or small, managed or unmanaged, dedicated, shared VPS or cloud platforms. With LiquidWeb our clients are provided with the control of a dedicated server with the flexibility and affordability of the cloud.